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Tangent Star Addi Winter Shining Bright

Posted on: June 14, 2017

Catching students in the act of being a superstar is one of our favorite things we do at Tangent Elementary and we like to reward that good behavior. One of the many ways we do so, is through a rewards-based system that allows students to collect Star Bucks, which they can redeem at the Student Store for prizes. There are many kinds of prizes such as toys, fun school supplies, certificates for Popsicles with a friend or lunch with a teacher, etc. All prizes are so popular with our students, that they usually do not hold on to them very long, as they are eager to spend them on new things each month. However, we would like to recognize one particular student for how she chose to “cash in”.  2nd grader Addi Winter saved hers all year and earned 600 of them! When asked how she wanted to spend them, she selflessly asked if she could help out various staff around the school with their everyday tasks. Below, are some pictures of her doing what she does best, which is to be a SUPER TANGENT STAR by thinking of and doing kind things for others. Way to go, Miss Winter!