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2022 GAPS Summer Programs

Posted on: May 11, 2022

For all 2022 summer programming, GAPS students in need of credit recovery, learning assistance, or experiencing a disability will have priority enrollment. Families who have been historically underserved will be contacted first regarding program opportunities available for their student.

Transportation and lunch will be offered for families who are enrolled in Surf’s Up and Waves of Enrichment. 

GAPS will not provide funding for community partner summer camps and activities as included in last years budget. All GAPS summer programs are free to students and LBCC is offering more than 70 free camps for sixth to 12th grade students. Registration and more information for all summer program opportunities are listed below. For questions, please contact your home school office.

Surf’s Up Summer Learning

Surf’s Up Summer Learning

This program is designed for students grades 1-8, and will be held at Meadow Ridge Elementary and Timber Ridge School, Monday to Thursday from July 11 to August 4. Surf’s Up is a free program focused on classroom material such as math and literacy. This program is designed to help students recover through extra learning services provided by GAPS teachers. Surf’s Up is a priority enrollment program to allow first opportunities for at-risk students.


Waves of Enrichment

Students participating in Surf’s Up Summer Learning will have priority enrollment for Waves of Enrichment, the afternoon GAPS summer camp including extra curricular activities. Students grades 1-8 are welcome, and this program will occur Monday to Thursday after Surf’s Up at Meadow Ridge Elementary and Timber Ridge School. Space for this program will be limited and offered first to students with priority enrollment. Registrations for all other students will be decided by a lottery.

More information to come! 

Jump Start Kindergarten

Jump Start Kindergarten

All incoming kindergartners at participating elementary schools, Lafayette, Meadow Ridge, Periwinkle, South Shore, Sunrise, Takena, Tangent, and Waverly, are welcome to join the Jump Start Kindergarten camp! From August 8-11 or August 15-18, students will learn classroom routines, expectations, and strengthen relationship building skills with teachers and staff. Students will learn social-emotional and foundational skills to advance their abilities before the school year begins. This introduction program is also free of cost, transportation will be offered, and registration information is available at the participating schools. Registration will begin May 3. Separately, for kindergarten enrollment and orientation dates, as well as registration information, visit the Kindergarten Information page.