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Tangent Classroom Corner shares photos and news about student activities

Posted on: April 17, 2017

Tangent Elementary School keeps parents up-to-date with its Classroom Corner feature on its website:

A place to see special classroom activities and learning environments that make our Tangent Stars shine!

Updates are posted by grade.  This photo is from the fourth-grade page:

“The fourth grade has been studying Native Americans since January. We discovered that after the Native Americans have worked hard, they celebrate! This celebration is usually done with some sort of mask. We are celebrating the culmination of this unit by making Native American masks!”

Read information about proposed projects at each school

Posted on: April 16, 2017

Enrollment in the District is projected to increase by about 500 students in the next five years. Ballot Measure 22-165 would fund new or renovated classrooms at all grade levels.

A new elementary school is proposed near Timber Ridge, and new classrooms and a major renovation is proposed for Oak Grove Elementary School.

For more information about the proposed Oak Grove project, see the architectural conceptual drawings.

For information about projects proposed for each school in the District, see the school project profiles.

Tangent student art on display at District Office

Posted on: April 10, 2017

Mrs. Nelson’s first-grade class at Tangent Elementary School combined art and history lessons in a recent project. The artwork was part of the art history curriculum in which students studied the work of Baroque artists, including the Rembrandt.

Students were given half of a face and were asked to re-create the image on the other side. Some art is featured here. Stop by the District Office to see more!