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Field Day 2017

Posted on: June 13, 2017

Fun was had by all at our 2017 Field Day! Thank you to all our volunteers and staff who came out to help run the games this year. A special thank you goes out to our wonderful, amazing, spectacular Mrs. J who organized the event. You are the real deal, Mrs. J; thanks for all you do for our Tangent family!

Changes announced for 2017-18 school day schedules

Posted on: June 12, 2017

Adjustments have been made to the bell schedules at all schools. The changes will be in place when school starts in the fall.

The changes will reduce differences in start and stop times among same-level schools. Elementary schools will be in two bell schedule groups rather than nine different schedules, and they will gain 20 minutes of instructional time per day. Middle schools will all start and stop at the same time.

Research has shown that students benefit from more sleep, but the natural sleep and wake cycles are later for older students and earlier for younger students. Adjusting the schedule will allow older students to start a little later in the day.

The changes are also expected to make the district transportation system more efficient.

Bell schedule for all schools

Parent letter


La Tour De Tangent

Posted on: June 9, 2017

Although rain clouds threatened overhead today, our 4th and 5th graders were not discouraged from participating in our 27th annual Tour De Tangent! Way to go, Tangent Stars! And thank you to our teachers and volunteer staff who came out to make the event safe and fun!

Local Writer Visits 1st Grade

Posted on: June 9, 2017

Eric Dickey, local poet and technical writer, visited 1st grade students this week to read his first published children’s book to the class. Dickey, formerly a K12 science teacher, is now a Research Program Manager for the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University and a part-time instructor in the LBCC English Department.

Incorporating adventure and science, Alex the Ant Goes to the Beach is about a young and curious ant named Alex who aspires to be a great scout for Queen Aziza. He dons his sailor suit and eagerly volunteers as a lookout for the beach work crew. Along the way, Alex is warned by Aloysius, the old sea captain, about the dangers that lurk in the world outside the safety of their home called Underwood. This children’s picture book introduces young entomologists to the ecology of ants and is a delight to readers of all ages.