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The Golden Awards

Not only does Tangent Elementary recognize and reward students for the three B’s: BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL and BE RESPONSIBLE, but we also like to go a step further each week in celebrating our students’ good behavior in a few fun ways:

golden_star_vector_1_by_anisa_mazaki-d9j2xpcThe Golden Sneaker – awarded by Mrs. Knutson
to the class who follows CHAMPS, plays safe, and shows excellent sportsmanship in P.E.

golden_star_vector_1_by_anisa_mazaki-d9j2xpcThe Golden Whistle
– awarded by recess staff
to the class who lines up quickly, plays well with others, and follows all the recess CHAMPS expectations.

golden_star_vector_1_by_anisa_mazaki-d9j2xpcThe Golden Broom
– awarded by Mr. Russell
to the classes with the cleanest rooms including paper and pencils off the floor, chairs stacked and all learning tools put away!

Each Golden item adorns the winners’ classrooms for the week to recognize their achievement and reinforce the positive behaviors that make our Tangent Stars shine!